Your Arteries: the free book

How ultrasound artery screening, and statin therapy if needed, could add healthy years to your life

Your health depends on healthy arteries. People whose arteries have minimal plaque buildup have a low risk for heart attacks, strokes, or mini-strokes that cause dementia.

Early-stage artery clogging is common even among otherwise healthy adults in their 40s. Ultrasound artery screening can indicate whether your arteries are becoming clogged. It’s an ultrasound screening test, just like pregnant women get, except it’s done on your neck instead of your belly.

If your arteries are getting clogged, you could add healthy years to your life by aggressively reducing the level of “bad” LDL cholesterol in your blood. Healthy lifestyle choices help, but often a statin prescription is needed to reduce LDL to the range of 40-70 mg/dL, a level that can stop further artery clogging and may even reverse existing artery clogging (also called atherosclerosis). This free book, which you can read online or download, presents the medical research on this topic:

The free book covers key medical research on “bad” LDL cholesterol, its primary role in artery clogging, the use of ultrasound artery screening to diagnose artery clogging, and statin therapy to lower LDL cholesterol.

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