How to find a preventive cardiologist

There are two ways to find a preventive cardiologist.

First, if your primary care physician is supportive of your interest in aggressive lipid lowering, and understands that a preventive cardiologist is more likely than a traditional cardiologist to work with you toward that goal, you may request a referral from your physician to a preventive cardiologist.

Second, you may go to the website of a teaching hospital near you, and access the list of cardiologists affiliated with the hospital. You may search that list for the word “preventive” or simply the text “prevent.” You could repeat the process for additional teaching hospitals near you.

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Once you have a list of preventive cardiologists, the next step is to find out who is willing to see you as a patient. It may be most efficient to make your case in an email to each cardiologist on your list. You could state your age, your LDL cholesterol level, any personal and/or family history of heart attacks, strokes, or vascular dementia, any carotid artery ultrasound results, and any symptoms that concern you about the health of your heart and blood vessels–that is, your cardiovascular health. Cardiologists who are not accepting new patients may simply not respond. If you do not receive any satisfactory responses, you could contact preventive cardiologists in neighboring states, or at teaching hospitals that are further afield.